Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner is calling for a summit of elected officials from Westchester and Rockland to discuss the projected toll rate hikes once the new Tappan Zee Bridge is built.

With tolls on the new span expected to almost triple to $14 in 2017, crossing the bridge would become unaffordable for those on fixed incomes, especially without bus or mass transit, Feiner said in a release Friday.

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"This will be a tremendous burden for lower income residents of both counties, for seniors and young people," Feiner said. "The state would set the income guidelines to qualify. The Tappan Zee Bridge's projected toll hikes make the bridge unaffordable for many."

A possible suggestion, in addition to lobbying for mass transit or bus service, he said, is a new discount card for commuters who are on fixed incomes. A photo ID card could be issued to those who qualify. They would show the card to toll collectors and pay the reduced fares, he said.

Feiner is planning to write to the governor, the Westchester/Rockland delegation to the New York State Legislature and to local officials requesting a meeting, he said.