I have recently just come out of a cast for a broken pinkie. The night I broke my finger, I went to the emergency room at Huntington Hospital and discovered that children have a wing of their own. The new change to the hospital has been a very positive one, because mixing kids and adults in the ER would add to the tension of the situation and cause extra stress for everybody.

The new hospital wing not only had cleverness written all over it, it had quality, too. There was a colorfully painted waiting room with multiple chairs and a TV playing shows for kids.

The examination rooms had nice, comfortable beds with fluffy pillows. The people who worked there were wonderful, as well. They were always smiling and reassuring me that everything would be fine.

When I was getting an X-ray on my pinkie, the technician told me she had broken all of her fingers at one time or another and that everything was going to be fine.

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The doctors did a great job of minimizing the pain as much as possible. When I couldn't do something with my hand for an X-ray, they found a way around it. I found this very convenient and considerate.

This experience would have been a lot scarier if it weren't for the children's ER and the people who work there.