KEANSBURG - A family still living in FEMA housing nine months after Sandy says they want to go home but an ongoing battle with their insurance company is keeping them away.

Harry Sheridan is thankful for the townhouse he has been living in with his family in Fort Monmouth, but their home on Woodside Avenue in Keansburg, sits vacant.

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Township engineers agree the home, flooded with 5 feet of water during the superstorm, should be demolished, and the mortgage company has signed off. However, American Security Insurance wants the home repaired instead of rebuilt, and has only given the family part of their benefit.

"Everything is on hold right now," Sheridan said. "Because it's not the full policy and to get our home rebuilt we need that full policy."

The Sheridans, along with 111 other families living in Fort Monmouth, only have 18 months in those homes before they have to find alternate housing. The Sheridans' home will not be rebuilt by then, and may they have to move in with family in Pennsylvania.