YONKERS - One of the suspects in the alleged abuse of a disabled man worked as an EMT, according to a federal indictment.

John and Nicole Naudy, of Monroe, were busted by the FBI for allegedly drugging, torturing and extorting money from a disabled man. Now News 12 has learned that a federal indictment states that John Naudy worked at Mobil Medic EMS as an EMT all while the alleged abuse was happening. 

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The couple is accused of repeatedly injecting the victim with medication and even draining his blood to the point that he had to be airlifted to the hospital. The two, who are also parents to a toddler, allegedly extorted $60,000 from the victim.

As of Friday morning, John Naudy's Facebook page listed him as a former employee of Mobil Medic EMS. By Friday afternoon all references to his work were gone.  No one at Mobil Medic would confirm whether they knew him.

The two are being held without bail. The Naudys face five years behind bars if convicted.