WOODBURY - A video was shown in court Wednesday of the man accused of gunning down a Nassau police officer and a motorist on the Nassau-Queens border in 2012.

Prosecutors say the surveillance footage, which has not been released to the public, shows Darrell Fuller hours after the shooting, hiding out at Stepping Stone Pre & Grade School and crafting a botched plan to make himself look like a victim.

Darrell Fuller allegedly shot Nassau Police Officer Arthur Lopez during a traffic stop following a hit-and-run on the Cross Island Parkway in October 2012. Investigators say that after killing Lopez, Fuller fled the scene and then fatally shot Raymond Facey, of Brooklyn, so he could steal his car and flee to Queens.

The court says the video shows Fuller pacing and looking at his cell phone, as children played inside.

A teacher at that school testified that Fuller was inside the school because his stepdaughter and godson are students there. He had asked to see his godson.

Prosecutors say Fuller was hiding out and waiting for a getaway ride as police conducted their manhunt outside.

The jury also heard from witnesses who later heard a "pop" and a man crying for help. Darrell Fuller was shot around 6:30 p.m. that evening. Police have said he had a friend shoot him to make it look like he was also a victim of the gunman that killed Lopez and Facey.

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The defense had tried to block the jury from seeing the video of Fuller in the school, saying it was "prejudicial."  That request was denied.

The trial resumes on Monday.