Was English Thomas the getaway driver who helped two convicted murderers flee after killing a Yonkers woman in 2010?

The fate of the Long Island man rests in the hands of a jury after a trial that featured more than three weeks of testimony, News12 reported.

Sandra Hackley was killed on April 21, 2010, when two men -- Charles Parsley, 28, and Kasaun White, 30, both of Rockville Centre -- pushed their way into her apartment and began shooting.

The pair fooled Hackley and her husband into opening her front door and letting their guard down when White dressed as a UPS deliveryman. White and Parsley were convicted in March 2012 and are now serving 75-year sentences in state prison.

Hackley died of her gunshot wounds. Her husband, Rafael Cornielle, survived bullet wounds to his arm, chest and leg, and the couple's 12-year-old daughter was grazed by a bullet. Cornielle testified during the trial Jan. 17, showing the jury his scars and recounting the events of the night his wife died.

Prosecutors say Thomas was not one of the triggermen, but they allege he was waiting outside behind the wheel of pickup truck. Security cameras at Hackley's apartment building captured footage of Parsley pacing nervously in the lobby before the murder and Parsley and White fleeing the building and getting into the truck before it peeled away.

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Prosecutors also presented as evidence video from a camera on the Triborough Bridge, which shows the truck crossing on the night of the murder.

But English's lawyer said none of the images shows his client behind the wheel. The prosecution's case, he maintains, is based on inconclusive circumstantial evidence.

"No DNA, no fingerprints, no bloodstains, nothing that puts my client at the location," said Gregory Watts, Thomas' attorney, according to News12.

Almost three years after the murder, prosecutors still don't know why the men targeted Hackley and her family. They acknowledged the execution-style murder specifically targeted Hackley but never identified a motive. Parsley and White did not take anything from the family's apartment after the shooting.

Jury deliberations are expected to continue Thursday.