KIRYAS JOEL - Federal agents have a Kiryas Joel real estate broker accused of being a tax cheat in custody.

The IRS says Shloime Torim owes the government at least $400,000 in back taxes.

While IRS raided his buildings, Torim had already been in custody on a number of fraud charges.

Torim pleaded not guilty in White Plains Federal Court to his latest charge. The government says the real estate broker ran at least 100 businesses as a cover-up to hide cash.

IRS investigators raided Torim's office on Satmar Drive in the Village of Kiryas Joel for evidence.

A viewer also sent News 12 a photo of agents at a second location in the village, believed to be his home on Israel Zupnick Drive.

In court, the prosecutor said the 76-year-old used a number of aliases to conceal his income.

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Today's raid and Torim's arrest come after a three-year investigation. He will remain in custody until a $500,000 bail bond is posted.