EDISON - The video of a high school teacher allegedly berating a special education student evoked a storm of different reactions from hundreds of News 12 New Jersey viewers.

Last week, a Kane in Your Corner investigation revealed that Fair Lawn High School teacher Bill Scarnaty has been placed on administrative leave after a video was released of him allegedly yelling at a special education student.

Scarnaty is allegedly heard saying, "You are my God damned student, you get that? I'm your teacher. Don't ever tell me what to do. You get it now?”

In the video, after the student returns to his desk, the teacher tells him, “Go cry to your counselor!”

Fair Lawn Schools superintendent Bruce Watson says, “We deeply regret the actions that took place in the classroom.” According to Watson, Scarnaty has been placed on leave while the district conducts a full investigation.

Many viewers felt that Scarnaty’s alleged actions in the video were completely inappropriate.

On Facebook, one viewer wrote, "If you don't have the patience or heart you shouldn't be a special ed teacher. Obviously teaching isn't for this person."

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Some viewers were particularly angry that the investigation found that Scarnaty appears to have a history of complaints from parents.

Five years ago, Scarnaty resigned as Fair Lawn High School's baseball coach after reportedly kicking a student. This news seemed to indicate to many that the way he acted in the video was not an isolated incident.

However, some viewers felt that Scarnaty was being unfairly punished.

One viewer posted to Facebook, "Wow, now a teacher can't raise his voice to a student. This is ridiculous." Another wrote, "Stop whining! This teacher did nothing wrong. This country is turning into a bunch of wimps!”

Some viewers even felt that what they witnessed in the video was typical for a high school classroom.