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Letter: County should open Sprain Reservoir

Now that spring has arrived, it's my hope that Westchester County officials will consider allowing a limited number of non-power-driven boats to use the Grassy Sprain Reservoir in Yonkers on a trial basis. Allowing kayaking on the Sprain has been talked about for years and has met some resistance from the county.

I believe that if the county authorized a test program -- with limited hours and a limited number of boats -- county officials would realize what an incredible asset the Sprain is. Allowing nonpowered boats would be an enormous boost to property values and quality of life. Allowing boating would help local governments attract people to the county and help local businesses.

After a trial, this has the potential to be a big revenue booster for the county as well.

There are possible launching areas that would not interfere with golfers at Sprain Lake Golf Course. Currently, the only other lower Westchester County place to row is on Glen Island, and the course is almost full to capacity.

Rowing and kayaking provide a tremendous opportunity for high school kids to participate in a sport they can continue throughout their lives, and the skills may even help them acquire college scholarships. It would be great for Greenburgh and Yonkers High Schools to be able to start programs.

Several local colleges are also looking for better sites for rowing. They may be able to help create a fenced-in area and provide equipment for the high school programs.

The county has said no to this initiative. I hope they will consider a trial in 2013. I am sure that they will not be disappointed.

Paul Feiner, Greenburgh

Editor's note: The writer is the Greenburgh town supervisor.

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