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Levy's WFP support -- Suffolk ex-leader says 'liberals' did it

For a long time, Charles Pohanka III, as Working Families Party leader in Suffolk, battled against the New York City - based group that ran the state party. The latter group eventually won the fight.

But they were still at it in 2007, when the WFP -- denounced these days by conservative activists as a nest of the radical left-wing -- endorsed Steve Levy, county executive, for re-election.

And Pohanka recalls that he was in favor of backing Republican Ed Romaine, as the party did in 2003, the year Levy first won the seat.

"So it was the New York City -- for lack of a better word -- liberals that endorsed him,"  Pohanka said today.

"Would we (the Suffolk group) have endorsed Levy in 07 when we saw which way all the other parties were going? Absolutely," Pohanka added. "It's a no-brainer in that respect -- but that one, they can't hang on me."

Of course, when you think about it, it is absurd to see the Conservative Party and the Working Families Party endorse the same candidate -- given the sharply opposed platforms of the two organizations.

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