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Absorbits pouch aims to dry out a wet phone or device

Absorbits wet phone rescue pouch can't repair any

Absorbits wet phone rescue pouch can't repair any damage, but drying the device is the first thing to do. Credit: Absorbits

NAME Absorbits wet phone rescue pouch

WHAT IT DOES If your smartphone or other small electronic devices lands in the water, this pouch will bring it back to life.

COST $9.99

WHAT’S HOT Using the Absorbits pouch is simple: Just dunk your device in water (accidentally, of course) and then towel-dry as much as possible. If you can, remove the battery and place it and the rest of the electronic gadget in the pouch. It’s recommended to keep everything in the pouch from six to 24 hours.

According to a company spokesperson, “Our technology combines the moisture-wicking ability of our fabric with the ability for the impregnated desiccated silica to encapsulate the moisture and provide a moisture-scavenged environment.”

Keep in mind that the pouch will remove the water but will not repair any damage from the liquid. As long as your device fits in the 7.5-by-4.5 inch pouch, it’s worth a try.

The pouch is padded and can also be used for storing and protecting a phone when water isn’t an issue. You can choose from blue, silver, purple or black.

WHAT’S NOT Other than not having red as a color selection, not much. Even if you don’t currently have a water-damaged device, you can be prepared if an accident should happen.


— Tribune News Service

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