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Get a grip: How to control your anger

Slow down and take a break if you

Slow down and take a break if you think you might say something you will regret later. Credit: iStock / Sharon Dominick

Anger is a natural emotion. It’s neither good nor bad. What people do with their anger can become good or bad, but the emotion is neutral.

If you struggle with minor anger, here are a few quick skills you can use to reduce your anger level, according to Paul Roadt, a Mayo Clinic Health System social worker.

  • Communicate your feelings with loved ones in a calm and healthy manner.
  • Slow down your thoughts. You don’t need to react or respond instantly. Take a second to ensure what you are going to say or do is appropriate.
  • Take a breath. Oxygen helps you think clearly and can reduce the level of anger you feel.
  • Take a break. Walk away from the object that is influencing your anger, and come back later and finish. If it is a person, tell him or her you need five minutes to collect your thoughts, calm down and return to the conversation. Take as many breaks as you need.

— Mayo Clinic New Network (TNS)

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