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Claudio Gonzalez completes the North Pole Marathon

A selfie of Claudio Gonzalez at the finish

A selfie of Claudio Gonzalez at the finish line at the North Pole Marathon in the North Pole on April 9, 2014. His official time was 9:49.37. Credit: Claudio Gonzalez

On a clear day with a temperature of 22 degrees below zero, Claudio Gonzalez of Westbury completed the North Pole Marathon on Wednesday in 9 hours, 49 minutes, 37 seconds.

The runner featured in last week's LILife cover story said he reached the finish line "after battling frostnip and barely avoiding hypothermia."

He is due home Sunday. Gonzalez, 39, finished 23rd among 29 male finishers. Seven women also completed the race.

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