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Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.


Ask Amy 12:01 AM Cheating husband also lies to mistress DEAR AMY: I have been married for almost 40 years. My wife and I have
Ask Amy 8/21/17 Heartbroken woman feels abused by her father DEAR AMY: I recently experienced a terrible heartbreak. This has changed the way I view
Ask Amy 8/20/17 Man wonders how to reconnect with old crush DEAR AMY: I never thought I’d be writing to an advice columnist, but I am
Ask Amy 8/19/17 Man dreads vacation with misbehaving grandson DEAR AMY: Help! Soon, my wife and I will be spending our annual week at
Ask Amy 8/18/17 Woman unclear on her grandma status DEAR AMY: My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child. My husband has a
Ask Amy 8/17/17 DNA testing reveals family secret DEAR AMY: About a year ago, I used one of those genetic testing services. The
Ask Amy 8/16/17 Mom concerned about boyfriend’s medications DEAR AMY: My boyfriend has been living with my children and me for seven months.
Ask Amy 8/15/17 Mom worries daughter will become ‘doormat’ DEAR AMY: I have a lovely daughter who just turned 13. She’s happy, smart, kind
Ask Amy 8/14/17 Parents unhappy with daughter’s new relationship DEAR AMY: I am a 31-year-old single, educated woman. I ended a six-year relationship that
Ask Amy 8/13/17 Friends argue over cost-sharing agreement DEAR AMY: I’m having a problem getting a friend to live up to her agreement

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