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Amy Dickinson is a general advice columnist.


Ask Amy 12/2/16 Old friend finds joyful updates painful DEAR AMY: My friend and I both have 30-year-old daughters. Each of our daughters has
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Ask Amy 12/2/16 Teen in relationship with older man worries about college DEAR AMY: I have been baby-sitting for “Matt’s” two grade-school children for two years, since
Ask Amy 12/2/16 College student still lives with ex DEAR AMY: I am a 22-year-old college student. I recently broke up with my boyfriend.
Ask Amy 12/2/16 Woman cautious about mother-in-law’s visit DEAR AMY: My husband had a rough childhood. His mother was with a man who
Ask Amy 12/2/16 Adult struggles to cope with tough childhood DEAR AMY: I need your advice on how to get over my childhood, accept my
Ask Amy 12/2/16 Siblings fight over elderly mother DEAR AMY: My three siblings and I are in our 60s. Our 91-year-old mother lives
Ask Amy 11/25/16 Former friend gives gifts to get invitations DEAR AMY: I have a former friend, “Debbie.” Our friendship ended due to her constant
Ask Amy 11/25/16 Man worried about ex-wife’s beau DEAR AMY: My wife of more than 40 years and I had a mutual parting
Ask Amy 11/25/16 Couple at odds over household expenses DEAR AMY: A dozen years ago I married a very intelligent, kind and highly educated