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He needs to say goodnight to sleepless girlfriend

DEAR AMY: I am at university and value my sleep. Along with caffeine, sleep helps me get through the day. I find sleep relaxing, pleasurable, and, frankly, a human necessity. The problem is I am in love with someone who happens to have the most erratic sleep patterns I've ever seen. She doesn't sleep. She also disapproves of my caffeine intake because she believes it is unnatural. Unlike my girlfriend, I cannot take four naps during the day or run indefinitely on two hours of "rest." There have been many times when I have been extremely tired, wanting to go to bed, and she is bursting with energy, refusing to let me sleep. When I do get my way, she sulks and sometimes gets angry. I really don't see me getting my sleep as interfering with her lifestyle so much, but she seems to think so. Is there a way to get some shut-eye without seeming to be unreasonable?

DEAR TIRED: One way to get some decent shut eye would be to break up with your girlfriend. She sounds like a nightmare.

Not only is sleep a human necessity, it is quite simply your right as a human being to give your own body the rest it requires.

Some people do seem to run well on fumes, but study after study shows that sleep has a direct and proportional impact on a person's health.

If she catnaps throughout the day and is awake at night, then she had better hope she lands a career (and a partner) that will accommodate this pattern. I'd suggest she look into being a security guard, dance club DJ or foster parent to infants. I also think she needs to be evaluated by a doctor. Some of the behavior you describe sounds manic.

At the end of the day (literally), do you really want to be with someone who takes it personally when you sleep at night?

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