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Man blocked from girlfriend's social media account

DEAR AMY: My serious girlfriend has a social media account. She refuses to include me in her group and has blocked me from having access to simply look at the site. This concerns me because while I understand she needs and deserves privacy, I feel like she could be hiding something from me. I'm not sure what she could be hiding but I wonder if it is something like having relationships with other men. Am I being overly concerned or unfair to her?

Serious Guy

DEAR SERIOUS: If your girlfriend is serious about being in an intimate relationship with you, she should loop you in to her social media or at the very least show or share her page with you.

You aren't jumping to an unfair conclusion that she is hiding something from you -- she actually is hiding something -- her social circles and online connections.

Blocking a loved one from personal access, which other people have available to them, is not an open and loving way to behave. Aside from other red flags brought on by this block, your lack of access is prompting you to jump to all sorts of conclusions. If you don't feel trusted or trusting, then you should not be in this relationship.

DEAR AMY: Responding to the issue of which father (step or biological) should walk a woman down the aisle, my daughter solved this problem when her biological dad wanted the honor, but the stepdad had raised her to be the wonderful woman she is today. She simply told him that both of them would walk her down the aisle or neither of them would, and she would walk down alone. Biological dad finally came around and both dads escorted the bride.

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