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Newlywed hates his wife

DEAR AMY: I've been married for two weeks and frankly I hate my wife. She is completely lazy and pays absolutely no attention to me. She was so nice when we were dating, but it was probably all just for show. I come from a "richer type of family" and she comes from a "moderate to low-income family." I feel kind of bad for her, but she is so pestering and obnoxious and she probably just married me for my money. I can't divorce her because we have a legal document stating that I must give her $70,000 if we separate or divorce, and I'm not that rich. When I signed the document, I figured that by the time we did divorce, if we divorced, I would have that type of money (from growing investments). My parents are completely not on my side. They keep telling me that it's my fault (which I agree to some extent) and refuse to get involved.

Bad Choice Maker

DEAR MAKER: Normally I would suggest that your relationship might be repaired through some hard work and professional counseling, but when you report that you "hate" your wife after only two weeks of marriage, it would probably be best for everyone if you part company quickly.

Your wife might be lazy and tacky, but you don't sound like the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not a lawyer, but given your situation it seems idiotic of you to sign a prenup. You need good legal advice. Because your union is so brief, there might be an "out" clause you can exercise in order to nullify the marriage.

This is your mess. Your parents are wise not to get involved. Your wife will come out the winner, financially -- because unless you can void the prenup, you will basically have to pay her for your freedom.

Frankly, if you really hate her that much, $70,000 will seem like a bargain to escape from this mistake. Prorated over a lifetime, it doesn't amount to all that much.


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