Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Off the Wall: Sharks are taking over on TV

Off the Wall reminds you that 99 percent of sharks are friendly fish.

SHARKNADO WEEK! Syfy celebrates the debut of "Sharknado 2: The Second One" (Wednesday at 9 p.m.) with an entire week of shark-schlock. First bite comes with the premiere of "Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark" (Saturday night at 9). Christopher Judge and Elisabeth Rohm star, following encore titles vs. giant octopus and crocosaurus (5 and 7p.m.). Sunday night brings the new special "Sharkmania: The Top 15 Biggest Baddest Bloodiest Bites" (9p.m.), which fortunately documents only fictional film chomps. And what of Discovery's Shark Week? Its 27th annual run arrives Aug. 10. See Syfy's sharkified schedule (through next Saturday) at

MOVIE MANIA Film feasts stretch throughout the week, and the decades. Watch two 1920s silent dazzlers developing motion pictures' visual language -- the futuristic "Metropolis" (Saturday night at 8, TCM), famed for its industrial imagery, and "Pandora's Box" (Sunday night at 12:15a.m., TCM), oozing Louise Brooks' lethal sexuality. By midcentury, TV was hatching movie stars like James Garner, who moved from weekly Western "Maverick" to big-screen leading man. The late, great actor, who died July 19, rates an all-day TCM tribute Monday starting at 6a.m. Highlights include Garner's racing saga "Grand Prix" (9:30 a.m.), his Doris Day comedy "The Thrill of It All" (8 p.m.), and Julie Andrews vehicles "The Americanization of Emily" (10 p.m.), and "Victor/Victoria" (2 a.m., all on TCM). Last but not least, TCM's 12th annual Summer Under the Stars month kicks off Friday with a day of Jane Fonda films. Schedule at

NEW WAR, OLD WAR Armored beasts, clouds of death, air attacks and underwater killers -- it's got to be "World War I: The First Modern War" (Saturday night 8 p.m.-midnight, History). The four-parter is built around the cutting-edge technology that made combat so horrific. Things were simpler in the 14th century with "Bannockburn: The Real Bravehearts" (Sunday 9-11 p.m., NatGeo), when Scots fought England for independence. Now they just vote. (That'll be Sept. 18.) More on WWI at

DREAM CAR WEEK Velocity again spotlights the coolest wheels, Sunday through next Saturday. First up is the Season 2 return of "Fantomworks" (Sunday at 9 and 10 p.m.), with a 1951 Chevy, 1965 Cobra, 1977 Corvette and 1983 Avanti. There's something new at those same times every night, including two series premieres Friday: "Garage Squad" (9p.m.), where experts pitch in to help DIY-ers, and "Tech Toys" (10 p.m.), showing how supercars take shape. Full lineup at

CATCHUP MARATHONS The whole first season of crimeland portrait "Power" (Friday 1:30-9 p.m., Starz) encores into 9 p.m.'s season finale. Start from the beginning, too, with "Hell on Wheels" (Friday 3p.m.-next Saturday, AMC), when all previous episodes run right into Aug. 2's Season 4 return. More at

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