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TV on DVD: 'Damages' Season 2; 'Weeds' Season 5

DAMAGES: SEASON 2Series Glenn Close's kick-butt legal thriller adds William Hurt, retains Ted Danson, keeps transfixing viewers. Catch up before Season 3 starts Monday on FX.

Extras Season 1 recap, creators interview, 4 episode commentaries with stars/

writers, more.

List price $40 for 3 discs, out today from Sony.

Also out

WEEDS: SEASON 5Mary Louise Parker's suburban dealer is pregnant in this round of Showtime's dark drug comedy, with commentary, relationships guide, featurettes, Webisodes; $40 DVD/BD, Lionsgate.

THIRTYSOMETHING: SEASON 2Grown-up boomers cope with marriage, kids, career dilemmas and David Clennon's nightmare boss Miles Drentell in touchstone '80s drama; $60 for 5 discs, Shout.

THE BARBARA STANWYCK SHOWPre-"Big Valley" anthology half-hour features guest stars Lee Marvin, Milton Berle and more; $40 for 3 discs, E1.

SOUL OF THE CHURCHRuth Brown, the Rev. James Cleveland, Clouds of Joy, Dixie Hummingbirds and others perform in 16 films of '60s NBC series "TV Gospel Time" (video quality only so-so), plus bonus Mahalia Jackson videos; $15 for 2 discs, Infinity.


COMEDY HOUR.Deadpan "Smothers Brothers" presidential candidate heads his own '60s time capsule (Hubert Humphrey! Tiny Tim!), with fun retrospective extras; $25 for 2 discs, MPI.

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