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Woman's boyfriend is stealing from her

DEAR AMY: My boyfriend and I are divorced professionals in our 40s. We have been together for almost two years, and we have discussed marriage. We don't live together, and we have kept our finances separate. Although sometimes I pay when we go out, he has always been generous. Last weekend, we spent the weekend together. Twice during the weekend, I noticed money missing from my wallet. On Saturday, I noticed $20 missing. On Sunday evening, I withdrew more money out of my bank account to pay some bills. On Monday morning, I saw $100 was gone from my wallet. I haven't said anything to him, and I don't know how to handle this. What do you think is going on with him, and what do you think I should do?

-- Anonymous

DEAR ANONYMOUS: I don't know what's going on with him. But I think you should jump in and flail around until you get some kind of answer. You are simply going to have to confront him about this. Losing $20 can be written off as a clerical error of some kind. But having $120 lifted from you over the course of two days puts this in another category.

After you hear an explanation, you are going to have to decide whether to accept it (you should be very skeptical). If so, you should proceed cautiously. At the very least, you need to hold tight to your wallet.


DEAR AMY: Regarding "Torn," who was worried about moving five hours away from family, friends, etc. You were 100 percent correct. Give it a try -- you have nothing to lose and all the experience to gain. I remember in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory," Leonard said he heard a man regrets more the things he didn't try than the things he did. Very true.

-- Colin

DEAR COLIN: My mother used to say that too. And it is so true.

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