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2014 unique baby name trends, a site dedicated to baby names, compiled, a site dedicated to baby names, compiled a list of the first reported babies of 2014 from each state. Credit: Fotolia

While you were kicking off the new year with family and friends, other parents were toasting to their new addition., a website solely focused on baby names, has compiled a list of the first reported babies born this year from each state. From coast to coast, parents have chosen unique and unusual names for their little ones.

According to the site, hardly a name is repeated and very few appear in the current U.S. top 10 list. "Instead, you'll find place names, surnames and names representing cultures from all over the world." For example, Kansas' New Year baby is Sa Aht, the son of Burmese parents who grew up in Thailand but are now American citizens. 

This year, many parents went with "y's" in their baby's name. Two Brooklyns made the list, one in Colorado and one in Maryland. There's also Naythyn in Oregon and Lyla in Alaska.

Names ending in vowels were also a trend; for example, Danika in Nevada, Rylee in West Virginia, Levi in Vermont.

Newbie parents also chose unique spellings: Gwineth in Alabama, Luis Anthony in Illinois, McKenlee in Maine, Naythyn in Oregon (as mentioned above), Karl in South Carolina and Rylee in West Virginia.

Other unusual names that made the list include Jacktavious in Arkansas, Dior in Connecticut, Tenzin in New York City, Shreya in New Jersey and Prantison in Hawaii.

What can we expect for the rest of the year? According to, we'll see girl's with boy middle names, such as Mary James or Agnes Charles. Herb and spice names will also be popular (think Cinnamon, Cayenne, Saffron and Sage). Pope Francis may be an influencer with names such as Frankie and Frank, along with TV villains like Walter White ("Breaking Bad"), Dexter and Arlo Givens ("Justified"). Virtual names for boys, Valor, Loyal and Justice as well as names that start with the letter "C" are expected to be on the rise this year.

The site also predicts "as Baby Boomers near Social Security age, their names are falling off the Social Security baby name popularity list. With great-grandparent names like Violet and Henry, Max and Mabel sound cool again." And finally, historic hero names such as Huckleberry, Dashiell, Scarlett, Atticus, Zane and Lincoln are also gaining popularity.

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