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5 apps to help kids learn about pets

The Puppy Dog Sitter iPhone and Android app

The Puppy Dog Sitter iPhone and Android app teaches children about owning a pet. Credit: Handout

There comes a point when most kids ask for a pet. And while all kids love animals, it's good for them to learn responsibility before actually going to the pet store or animal shelter.

So before you run to the store, try these fun, free iPhone and Android apps that teach children about the ins and outs of owning a pet.

Puppy Dog Sitter (TabTale)
First kids can pick a puppy. Then they can choose a name and an outfit (from 50 costume ideas). Responsibility kicks in when your child has to feed, clean, bathe and pick up after the pup.

Fish Farm (raiX UG)
Kids can build their own aquarium by choosing from more than 185 exotic fish and sharks, and more than 85 decorations. Kids will feed their fish, clean the tanks and even annoy them by tapping on the aquarium glass. Children can care for up to 18 saltwater or freshwater aquariums.

My Horse (Natural Motion)
What kid doesn't want a pony? Kids are given a lifelike horse to take care of and love. Young equine enthusiasts will have to feed, groom and train their horse to keep him healthy and win competitions. There are 3-D activities and kids can even visit their friends' stables.

Pet Home (TOPGAME)
This app lets kids take in all stray animals from the rainy streets and give them a warm and cozy home. As children keep playing this fun game, they can make even bigger pet families as they breed their animals. Kids will love being able to create a unique home for all their little pets.

Clumsy Cat (Dingo Games Inc.)
What happens when you leave the house and your cat is home alone? This app lets children be the cat and do as much damage to the virtual house as possible. To win, the clumsy kitty must destroy as many items as it can before its owners return -- teaching kids what pets are NOT supposed to do.

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