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5 back-to-school tips for kids

Five tips to help your kids get ready

Five tips to help your kids get ready for back-to-school. Credit: iStock

Back-to-school is just around the corner. Follow these five tips to help your children prepare for the first day.

1. Create a homework station

Set up a desk or table, pencils, a computer and all the books your child requires. If made correctly, the station can diminish any distraction that would deter a child from learning.

2. Establish a drop spot

Set up a place for your child to put scholarly materials. Make it close to the door, so your child doesn't forget anything during the morning rush. The spot should have adequate storage for a backpack, shoes, jackets and school papers.

3. Make a family calendar

Prevent the frustration of last-minute contradictions with a simple family calendar. Add important due dates and meetings. Display it where everyone can see it -- maybe on the refrigerator, which has a lot of daily traffic.

4. Limit your child's screen time

The problem with electronic entertainment is that hours can go by before your child realizes homework hasn't been finished -- or even started. Before the school year starts, set limits.

5. Instill a habit of organization

Teach children how to use planners to anticipate homework and project dates. Explain why the homework station is organized the way it is, and show them how to place books in order of the author's last name.

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