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Five parenting trends to watch in 2015

BabyCenter recently revealed parenting trends to watch out

BabyCenter recently revealed parenting trends to watch out for in 2015. Credit: Fotolia

Baby-teeth jewelry and postpartum corsets were among the top parenting trends reported last year. Although it's only January, take a look at what moms are buzzing about this year on

The crowdfunded baby: Parents are starting Kickstarter or GoFundMe accounts for everything from first birthday parties to Christmas presents. “Two out of three moms are worried about having enough money to raise their kids -- an 11 percent increase since 2013," said Rebecca Michals, director of BabyCenter's global community. "Crowdfunding may be moms’ way of trying to make it all work."

Parents smoking pot: With the legalization of marijuana in several states, will more parents be indulging and, if so, what are the implications for families? “There are already several active BabyCenter groups about marijuana with nearly 1,500 members combined and, in 2014, conversations on this topic increased compared to the year before,” said Michals. “Many parents don’t think twice about having a glass or two of wine regularly to unwind, but we’re waiting to see if they will make the transition to marijuana.”

Germophobic parents: Some parents are changing the game when it comes to daily interactions with their children. “Germophobic parents” won’t allow their children to interact with anyone who's not vaccinated, and they go above and beyond to keep their babies shielded from germs in general – usually by keeping them indoors and preventing friends and family from hugging or kissing their children.

Baby shower trends: Unwrapped presents and books instead of cards are two new trends that are consistent with Millennials’ eco-concerns. Diaper raffles, headband making and clothes-decorating stations are thrifty options for a generation with constant money worries. And showers aren’t just for moms-to-be anymore. Co-ed baby showers and dad showers are becoming increasingly popular -- which speaks to the rise in co-parenting.

Early pregnancy: The pregnancy timeline is speeding up. Not only are women finding out they are pregnant earlier and doing gender tests to learn the baby’s sex as soon as possible, they are also increasingly announcing their pregnancy between eight and 12 weeks rather than waiting until the second trimester.

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