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5 spring crafts for kids

Make these Easter Chicks and fill them with

Make these Easter Chicks and fill them with your favorite candy. Credit: Handout

While your kids are eagerly awaiting the Easter Bunny, take a break from dyeing eggs and eating chocolate bunnies and try one of these fun, easy crafts. From fluffy door decor to beautiful cherry blossom trees, these spring-themed crafts for kids are the perfect way to celebrate the season. We reached out to art studios and craft stores around Long Island that cater to kids and asked them to provide DIY Easter crafts. Take a look:

Fluffy Bunny Door Décor

What you need
1 white poster board (22" x 28")
2 sheets of pink tissue paper
4 sheets of white tissue paper
Black marker

How to do it
1. Cut two 10" circles out of white poster board.
2. Cut one circle in half and trim each half into a "bunny ear" shape.
3. Glue the ears to the first circle to create a bunny face.
4. Use a black marker to give the bunny big, round eyes and a heart-shaped nose.
5. Then, cut the white and pink tissue paper into 2" squares. Crinkle each square up into a loose ball.
6. Glue the pink tissue balls to the inner portion of each bunny ear, and glue the white tissue paper balls to the outer edge of each ear.
7. Then, glue the pink tissue paper balls to cover the heart-shaped nose.
8. Cover the balance of the face with white tissue paper balls, leaving his black eyes uncovered.

Helpful hint
"Instead of fingers, use an old paint brush to spread out white liquid glue," says Karen Rifai, owner of ARTragious Studio, LLC in Rockville Centre. "It cuts down on "sticky fingers" and trips to the sink."

Spring Cherry Blooms

What you need
Sticks and twigs, any size to fit in vases of your choice
Tissue paper in any shade of white, cream, pink (or any other color you wish!)
White craft glue
Paper plate or plastic lid for glue

How to do it
1. Make sure sticks are dry, and free of dirt and leaves.
2. Tear tissue paper into small 1-2" square-ish pieces (it need not be exact).
3. Pour a quarter-size dollop of glue onto paper plate or plastic lid.
4. Pinch a piece of tissue paper in its center and crumple gently upward to make a little “blossom.”
5. Dip the pinched end of the tissue into the glue (just a small amount) and gently press onto the tip of a twig to attach blossom.
6. Keep adding tissue blooms an inch or so apart all along the stem, leaving enough room at the bottom to place the sticks and twigs in a vase.
7. Use all one color tissue paper, or a mix of shades.

Helpful hint
"Instead of tissue paper, cut out wrapping paper, magazine flowers or use spring colored mini pom-poms, cotton puffs, fabric scraps, or craft feathers to make your twigs bloom," says Mara Lise Esposito, educational director at Not Just Art in Oyster Bay. "If you're using three-dimensional items like mini pom-poms, try regular wood glue which is slightly thicker and will help it set faster."

Textured Hand Print Butterflies

What you need
Paint (several different colors)
A comb or fork to create texture in wet paint
Pre-cut butterfly template
Jewels, sequins or buttons

How to do it
1. Paint paper using several colors. (Be sure not to over mix the colors or
they'll become muddy.)
2. Take a comb (or fork) and drag it through the wet paint to create
designs or shapes in the wet paint.
3. Paint the butterfly body. (Add glitter while the paint is wet)
4. Let paper and body dry.
5. When dry, trace your child's hand prints on the back of the paper. (4
hand prints makes one butterfly).
6. Cut out the hand prints and glue to the back of the butterfly body.
7. Decorate your butterfly by adding jewels, sequins or more glitter.
8. Display your finished butterfly by punching a hole in it to hang from the ceiling or tape onto a window.

Helpful hint
"Make sure to use poster board or a heavier paper for the body of the butterfly," says Susan Lau, owner of the Mommy & Me Art program at Studio E in Miller Place.

Easter Chicks

What you need
Package of plastic eggs
Orange construction or thick paper
Plastic "wiggle" eyes (10mm)
Adhesive: Tacky glue or glue dots
How to do it:
1, Glue feather to the ‘hinge side’ of the egg.
2. Trace and cut out feet shape and glue to bottom of the egg.
3. Cut out small triangle for the beak and glue to egg.
4. Glue eyes to egg.

Helpful hint
"Visit to print out the pattern, and don't forget to fill the egg with your kids favorite candy once complete," says Kayla Barclift, an associate from the Michaels Store at Roosevelt Raceway Center in Westbury.

Fondant Egg and Chick

What you need
6 baked cupcakes, paper removed
Rolled fondant, pure white (Wilton)
Fondant roller
Pre-made white icing
Lollipop mold (Try Wilton Springtime Treats at Michaels)
Candy melts, yellow and orange
Edible color markers (Wilton)

How to do it
1. Roll out white fondant into a 6-inch circle. Use scissors to make jagged edges all around to look like a cracked egg.
2. Spread a layer of icing in the center of the circle and spread to the edges.
3. Place paperless cupcake upside down in the center, bringing fondant up around the sides of the cupcake. The icing will act as glue to hold the fondant in place. The edges will overlap some on sides.
4. Following directions on candy melts, make chicks.
5. Add a small amount of icing to the top of the egg, then add chick to the top.
6. Use the edible marker to make eye.

Helpful hint
"Kids will enjoy using edible markers to decorate the eggs like fun Easter eggs," says Kayla Barclift, an associate from the Michaels Store at Roosevelt Raceway Center in Westbury.

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