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5 ways the French may be better at parenting


In "Bebe Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting" (Penguin Press, $19.95), author Pamela Druckerman follows up her earlier book, "Bringing Up Bebe." Credit: Handout

Are the French better at the whole parenting thing than we are? American author Pamela Druckerman writes about her experiences with her young family in Paris, learning 100 keys to French parenting that she shares in her new book, “Bebe Day by Day” (Penguin, $19.95).

Here are five of the ways she recommends we consider doing it like the French:

No. 4: “The Fetus Doesn’t Need Cheesecake”
Don’t view pregnancy as the culinary free-for-all you’ve been saving up for through all those food-deprived years of courtship and marriage.

No. 27: “There’s One Snack a Day”
French kids typically eat only at mealtimes and at the afternoon snack, called the gouter (pronounced “goo-tay.”) There’s ... something calming about not regarding every moment as a potential eating opportunity.

No. 56: “Don’t Let Your Child Interrupt You”
Remember that you’re not just trying to enjoy the simple pleasure of completing a thought. You’re also teaching your child to respect others and be aware of what’s happening around her.

No. 78: “Don’t Dress Like a Mom”
There’s no French equivalent of MILF, because in France there’s no reason why a mom wouldn’t be sexy.

No. 81: “Your Baby Doesn’t Replace Your Husband”
Your child shouldn’t permanently nudge your partner out of the picture.

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