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Twitter hashtag #5wordadviceforteens goes viral

Long Island social media expert Katie Duffy Schumacher

Long Island social media expert Katie Duffy Schumacher of Rockville Centre says she is heartened by the trending Twitter hashtag. Photo Credit: Getty Images / PeopleImages

The Twitter hashtag #5wordadviceforteens, meant to encourage adults to offer inspiring support to a new generation, has gone viral.

It’s generating a flood of offerings that are practical, sometimes political and occasionally amusing. Here are 10 gems from the past few days:

No rush. You have time.

Talk to the lonely kid.

Go visit Glacier National Park.

Vaping is really, really stupid.

Enjoy life before creating one.

Effort is better than talent.

Ignore all high school drama.

Open computer, learn to code.

March on. We’re with you.

Go out and vote please!

Local social media expert Katie Duffy Schumacher of Rockville Centre, author of the 2016 book “Don’t Press Send: A Mindful Approach to Social Media, An Education in Cyber Civics,” says she is heartened by this kind of social media use.

“Let’s use it as a tool. Let’s use it as a way to empower kids. Cyber community does not need to be toxic,” she says. “Send an inspirational story. Compliment a classmate. Tell someone you’re proud of them.”

Schumacher has her own five words of advice to contribute to #5wordadviceforteens: “Social media can be kind,” she says.

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