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9 fun family theme night ideas

The community offered tips for fun family

The community offered tips for fun family theme nights. Credit:

Now that I have an energetic 2-year-old, I'm always looking for fun ideas to do as a family. My daughter enjoys pretty much anything from playing in the backyard to taking walks, hitting the park or play dates with friends. But even at the age of two, she gets bored with the same old routine.

I stumbled upon an article on (WTE) which featured creative, family-pleasing and budget-friendly ideas from the WTE community to make family time the highlight of the week. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Get artsy. "Every Thursday is pancakes and art night. I don't know why or how it started, but it's become a weekly tradition!" -- aprilante

2. Watch a flick. "Tuesday nights are coloring nights for us (this is when the pictures on the fridge get replaced with new ones), and Thursday nights are movie nights.! Right after dinner, we change into our pajamas and plop ourselves on the couch with a good flick and a bucket of popcorn." -- goot2

3. Make homemade classics. "Every Friday night, we jump in the car and head over to my parents' house. Since I was a child, Fridays are pizza and wings night -- my mom makes homemade pizza and bakes wings. Afterward, we all pitch in to help clean up and the watch a movie." -- wintergirl613

4. Get silly. "My husband and I plan to do a weekly night full of games, silly magic tricks, dinner and sitting out by the fire pit (baby is on the way!). If weather permits, there will be night time swims as well, since we live on a lake. If there's a full moon, we'll go for a boat ride in the dark. Family night once a week is going to be a must in my house!" -- HipposaurusRex

5. Break out the board games. "Game night -- puzzles are a hit at my house. However, when the weather is nice, we do bike rides and nature trails. We also light a small fire in the backyard and roast marshmallows while telling ghost stories .?.?. pretend camping, really!" -- BlackButterfly11

6. Enjoy nature's finest. "Our family does a few different things. We'll spend a nice day outside walking the dog through the woods or on the beach, and then we'll usually go out for dinner or get take out. Payday Friday is also takeout night, where we'll settle in for the night, eat favorite food and watch a movie or two. -- RioGG

7. Have a sleepover. "Every Friday night we do pizza and watch a movie with our kids. Once a month, we pull mattresses into the living room and have a big family sleepover -- complete with a movie and popcorn. We have three (almost four) kids all under the age of five, so they love it. Plus, it gives me a night off from cooking!" -- anneke

8. Dive into a pool. "Wednesday nights we go to an indoor pool -- it's a great way to relax and tire out the kids. At least one night a week, we eat in front of the TV, and then after dinner we snack on popcorn and play games (my son loves playing Trouble to practice counting). My other tiny tot loves to help cook, so he gets to plan two meals a week and help me prepare them." -- TeacherB

9. Munch on tacos. "We have Taco Tuesday game night. I make tacos (usually a different kind every week), and then we play a bunch of board games." -- swilson0905

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