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A day at Melville's White Post Farms

Jonathan at the fish pond at White Post

Jonathan at the fish pond at White Post Farms in Melville. (May 29, 2012) Credit: Shameka Dudley

I recently took our son, Jonathan, to White Post Farms in Melville and I have to admit, it was a bad idea. It was just too hot for my baby, as the temperatures were in the high 80s and the animals were weary from the heat, too.

As we walked into the farm, Jonathan immediately announced, “Mama, animals stinky!” But we paid $20 for the two of us and entered the zoo. (White Post does offer coupons on its website:

Jonathan wanted to know what each and every animal was as we walked through but didn’t want to get anywhere near them. The only place he actually stopped to gaze was the fish pond. But still, he wasn’t excited to be there.

So I decided to take him for a ride on the train, but I still couldn’t get him to muster up a smile. Our next stop was the little rides you can find in the mall or sometimes outside grocery stores, which he absolutely loves. At 50 cents a pop, he rode twice each with Mickey Mouse in tow, then on a boat with Tigga, and after that in Bob the Builder’s crane, and still no smile from my normally happy baby.

We left there and Jonathan noticed the hand-washing station. “Mama, I go wash ma hands,” he said. I believe this was the highlight of his trip. He turned on the first faucet, ran his hands under the water and then turned it off. Then he decided to turn on all four faucets, which I’m sure was way more exciting than the single-faucet sinks at home. So after a few minutes of turning off the faucets he kept turning on, I had to pick him up and carry him away while he had a tantrum because he wasn’t finished “washing ma hands.”

He quickly calmed down as we headed to Farmer Ron’s Roasted Corn show, which was nicely shaded and Jonathan watched intently and clapped when the donkey introduced the rest of the performing cast of animals but I could tell he was just going through the motions. He really could care less. Before the show was done he exclaimed, “Mama go bye-bye!”

After looking at a few more animals we both decided it was time to leave. I offered him some ice-cream and he refused (this from the kid who asks for ice-cream cake for breakfast) but I think the thought of spending another minute at the farm was too much to bear.

So, off we went for lunch and as we headed down Route 110 in Farmingdale, we passed Adventureland Amusement Park ( and his face lit up for the first time all day as he asked “Mama, what’s that?” Boy, did I get this one wrong.

What was the last outing you planned for your children that turned out to be a bust?

Photo: Jonathan checks out the fish pond at the farm.

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