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A family outing to the American Idol concert

The American Idol concert took place at Nassau

The American Idol concert took place at Nassau Coliseum on Friday, July 11, 2014. Credit: Peggy Lundquist

While the popularity of "American Idol" has waned in general over the past 13 seasons, it's still a family affair for my daughters, my granddaughter Alex and me. In the past six years, we have gone to four American Idol concerts as a group.

Alex, who is seven, has been a fan since season eight when she was two years old, attending her first American Idol concert in 2009. Alex was a huge Adam Lambert fan (he was runner-up to Kris Allen), but his subsequent success has surpassed that of many of the show's winners — including two albums and a five-episode stint on Fox TV's hit show "Glee."

Our tactic to garner good seats — waiting until the day of the actual concert — has worked out over the years. We've had first or second row only and Alex has come to expect good seats.

Some of Alex's other favorites are season 10's Lauren Alaina (runner up to Scotty McCreery), season 11's Elise Testone (sixth place) and season 13's Jena Irene (runner-up to Caleb Johnson). While she has yet to pick a winner, she becomes emotionally attached to her favorite and has been known to shed a tear or two when her pick is eliminated.

Alex was particularly excited when Elise Testone acknowledged her with a wave in the audience as Alex held up Elise's photo. She knows most words to most of the songs that were performed at the concert we recently attended at Nassau Coliseum, and she sang along with many in the audience. And, she has the pipes to carry a tune (inherited from her dad, Dennis). So, it wouldn't surprise me if someday, she, too, will be a contestant on "American Idol" if the show survives until she is old enough to compete.


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