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Actress Debby Ryan

We interviewed actress Debby Ryan who stars on "The Suite Life On Deck." She stars as Bailey Pickett.

What is the best part about being on the show?

I was in the episodes where we go to like Rome and Greece so we have all these different sets where we can pretend we are like actually in Rome. Ive been to Rome and that felt like Rome.It feels like we can get to travel and we get to meet really cool guest stars. The fact that we are o a boat opens up that we can do so many different things.

What is the difference between Bailey and yourself?

I think I am a little bit stronger than Bailey ... she will kind of fall for things a little because she is from a small town and she kind of goes with it .I think she gets hurt easily because she just trusts everyone. She is very naive and gullible like that. I think she is kind of growing up more. We are both really focused on our studies, so we are kind of dorks a little bit. She wears a lot of bright colors and she is very outgoing and bubbly. Which I am but sometimes I can just go and sit in a movie and do nothing.

Who do you like more Dylan or Cole? Why?

I've had more scenes with Cole so I have gotten to know him a little bit better, but I don't know who I like best. But Dylan is fun to joke with too. Probably Bubba!

Do you go to public school, private school or are you homeschooled?

I am home schooled. It is like a home school program and Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone do it too. I did it a few years ago when I was home schooled in Texas. It is on set school and it is actually a lot of fun but is really time consuming. I like learning but it takes like six hours a day of work.

What is the most exciting thing about the show?

Every Friday we get a new script for that week. So with Monday coming we get to see all the different things we get to do. Sometimes we are throwing cake or something or falling in the hot tub, and seeing where we get to travel.

We read that you performed military dances. Can you describe what that means and can you show us?

When I was in high school we had this thing in the south called drill team in Texas. And it is like a dance team and it is like if you have ever seen a group of kids and for us it was just girls and w would go around and do different dances and we had certain moves that we did over and over. It is really military and really precise. It is not really fun but it looks super cool.

Do you still keep in contact with your family and friends back home?

Of course I do, I love them so much. When we moved to Texas our parent s said they werent going to move us anymore and that is where we settled in. we made really good friends. My best friend and I we talk every day. We will like email and text message and call. My brother, he has been actually been living with us now.

The first time you were on the show, were you nervous?

Yeah, I was I was so nervous. And I look back on my video blog, I was so scared looking. Because I had never done TV before. I was so freaked out and soon enough I have melted in and now it is like butter.

What was the funniest episode that you filmed?

Did you see the one where I go to Rome and I am Naomi Wyoming? That one was really really funny. I had a lot of fun. She was kind of country and she was also kind of gangster. It was so cute and I love Naomi, that was such a fun character to play. There was the one with Arwyn when we went to Greece. And Brian Stipanic who plays Arwyn he is so funny. They had to get us out of his camera so they could actually use the footage because we are in the background just cracking up the entire time. He is so so funny.

How is it to work with Brenda Song?

Oh, it is fun. She is adorable and I love her. I always kind of watched her movies and stuff. I grew up watching her and then I come in and I start acting with her. I actually found and old journal where I said Brenda Song is my favorite actress. She is kind of like a big sis figure.

Why did you get into professional theater?

I don't know. I think it just kind of happened. Because we did it in school. We did professional theater when I was in school when I was younger, and then we moved to Germany and they didn't have a theater program in the home school and then the German school So there was a theater on the base there and we just decided to do it. It was a lot of fun. I loved that, I would go back any day.

When you were a kid did you want to be an actress?

I did. Ever since I was little my mom she headed up a theater department and I wasnt in it it was a different one. But she would like write plays and direct them and I saw the whole thing and I was just fascinated by it and I hung around until I started doing it myself for the younger kids. Then we moved to Germany and I left his is where I belong.

Did you have to dance in any of the movies that you have filmed?

Well, I did a commercial for iDog and I danced in it. I studied hip hop and I actually toured around and performed at Six Flags and malls and stuff doing hip hop and I really liked dance. In the commercial I did dance and in the The Longshots I had like cheerleading dance wheich doesnt really count it was like cheerleading.

Has it been easy to manage your career and school at the same time?

This industry is really used to kids doing that balancing school and running from place to place. In that respect it is like it has never been done before and so I have a great studio teacher who knows what she is doing and I learn a lot from her. It has been difficult because it is kind of like going to school for a longer amount of time and everything thrown in. I think I am doing really really well and school.


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