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Adventureland will revamp two rides and unveil a third this year

Parts of The Rattlenake being delivered to Adventureland

Parts of The Rattlenake being delivered to Adventureland in Farmingdale. Credit: Jeanine Gentile

The ladybugs are flying off and a rattlesnake is slithering in to Adventureland this year, as the park revamps two longtime rides in addition to unveiling a third.

The Lady Bug Coaster, which has been a ride at the park since 2000, will be rethemed as the Rattlesnake Coaster. The ladybug cars will be replaced by one long rattlesnake, with cars being segments of its body, says Caitlin DiSclafani, manager at the park. “The front will be the head and then they’ll be a rattlesnake tail,” she says.

The Crocodile Run, at the park since 2003, will now be called Rescue Boats. Instead of the crocodile gondolas, riders will enter rescue boats. “The landscape will change,” DiSclafani says. “Everything will be painted to change the scene.”

The park also will unveil the Lighthouse Drop Tower. The park had a drop tower called Drop and Twist a couple of years ago but removed it last season. The new drop tower will be about twice the height of the former ride and the ride minimum height will be decreased to allow younger kids to ride with a parent, DiSclafani says.  

“We like to make changes every year. We like to reinvest in the park,” DiSclafani says. All the changes should be in place for the park’s opening day of March 23, and the rides will be included in the pay-one-price fee of $33.99. Individual rides cost three to five tickets each at $1.50 per ticket.

Adventureland is at 2245 Broad Hollow Rd., East Farmingdale. For more information, call 631-694-6868 or visit

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