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'Apparently Kid' Noah Ritter becomes a viral sensation

Noah Ritter, the

Noah Ritter, the "Apparently Kid," became a YouTube sensation. Credit: YouTube

Kids say the darndest things, and apparently those words of wisdom can go viral. The latest sensation to take YouTube by storm is Noah Ritter, dubbed the "Apparently Kid," who struck fame during his television appearance at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania.

The adorable 5-year-old earned his nickname after repeating the word "apparently" eight times in an interview with WNEP-TV reporter Sofia Ojeda. During the one-minute chat, Ritter said: "Apparently, I don’t watch the news because apparently because I’m a kid apparently every time grandpa gives me the remote after the Powerball.”

The segment was viewed more than 8 million times on the WNEP-TV's YouTube channel. Watch the video below.

This little one not only made us smile and laugh, but he also captured the heart of Giants Hall of Famer Michael Strahan on "Good Morning America."

The "Apparently Kid" said to Strahan: “I know you’re a part of the Giants but I used to like the Giants but my grandfather brainwashed me into liking the Steelers. When asked whether he would consider being a TV news reporter when he grows up, Ritter replied: "No, I'm going to be a paleontologist."

While the word apparently made Ritter famous, he's now focused on heading to kindergarten in the fall. He loves dinosaurs, he said, and added, "I'm a really good swimmer."

Check out the full interview on "Good Morning America" below.


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