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Apps for kids: Baby Loves Disco, 'Disco Boogie' review

The Disco Boogie app is free on

The Disco Boogie app is free on Credit: Handout

My 20-month-old loves to dance. Whether she's boogying in her weekly music class or getting down to her favorite TV show's theme song, Maggie knows how to move to the beat.

We try to have a dance party every day, playing toddler tunes on a playlist we set up for her through our iPhones. We dance all through the house, and it's a nice way to spend time together doing something fun.

I stumbled upon an app, "Disco Boogie" from Baby Loves Disco and H&M and thought I'd give it a try with Maggie.

As soon as you download it, the music starts -- that alone caught Maggie's attention. The premise of the app is to simply follow the instructions to the beat while testing your DJ skills. When the music begins you have to scratch the record, tap the microphone to check it and shake your booty when the MC says "Shake That."

Maggie didn't quite catch on to the game aspect of the app, but my guess is older kids love it. As you complete each round, the music gets faster and the game speeds up. She just enjoyed dancing to the music, which added a fun element to our nightly dance party.

"Disco Boogie" is free on After installing the app, you'll also have easy access to find Baby Loves Disco events near you.

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