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Apps for kids: Musical NightLight review

The Musical NightLight app from BabyTV is available

The Musical NightLight app from BabyTV is available on for $2.99. Credit: Handout

Most parents will agree, bedtime routines are essential.

When my daughter, Maggie, was an infant we would have a nightly routine which I called the four B's: bath, books, bottle, bed. While babies thrive on routine, so did we. It was nice after working all day to know we had our special bedtime "ritual." 

As she got a little older, our bedtime routine a bit and of course things change, for example, we may skip the bath one night or put her down later and not read her books the next night.

Now at 19 months, we play music at night to help her wind down after an active day.

So when I came across the Musical NightLight app from BabyTV, I knew I wanted to check it out.

The app plays soothing music with cute animations for a predetermined time which you can set. It also features a sound detection sensor which reactivates the music if your baby hasn't fallen asleep or wake up when the music ends.

What I liked about it was the different types of music. There's classical (think Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Debussy), relaxing music which is slow and calming, spiritual and a mixed playlist which features all three types of music. There's more than 50 musical tracks and it can play for more than two hours.

Maggie enjoyed the animations and I have to be honest, it did help her relax the few times we play it with her. I haven't left my iPhone or iPad in the room with her since I use it at night but this app is great if you're looking for "down" time before bedtime.

This iPhone and iPad app is available on for $2.99. 

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