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Are you ready for baby No. 2?

The Maternity Sweatsedo line was road-tested on a

The Maternity Sweatsedo line was road-tested on a pregnant fit model, Credit: Handout

When my relationship with Andre turned serious and we began talking about a life together I remember him telling me that he wanted five children. The youngest of eight, I understood his wanting a large family of his own. I, however, informed him that my limit was two.

Now that we’ve had our first baby, he is the one who is reluctant to have another. I’m ready, although admittedly a little hesitant, for another baby. But we both have to agree on what is right for our family.

Andre and I are often asked, “When are you going to have another baby?” Jonathan will be 3 on Dec. 1 and often has the energy of three kids. He still gets up at night, sometimes for “duice,” sometimes because something he ate has made him itch to the point that he can’t sleep. And sometimes he wants to watch “Fresh Beat Band,” his favorite TV show.

We often go back-and-forth about baby No. 2. Can we afford another one? Will we ever sleep again? Will we have to pay for child care with this one? Will we ever sleep again? Can we afford to send two to college? Will we ever sleep again? Will Jonathan enjoy being a big brother? Will we ever sleep again? How beautiful will it be to have a little girl? (Well Daddy, wants a little girl, Mommy wants another boy but as long as baby is healthy we would be pleased.) And of course, will we ever sleep again?

And with both of us knocking on the door of age 40, we wonder if we’ll even have the energy to raise another baby. (Did I mention Jonathan has the energy of three kids?)

I wonder, though, how people who may have problems conceiving answer that question. Or those who may not be able to have more or who simply do not want any more children.

For me it’s not an uncomfortable question, but for those of you who have felt put on the spot when being asked about having more children, how do you answer? Leave your witty responses here.


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