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Baby's first bacon bite is pure bliss

Baby's bacon bliss

Baby Easton Beach blisses out to first bite of bacon. The world goes wild.

Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

Californina toddler Easton Beach had his first taste of bacon on Christmas morning, and it appears the 19-month-old will never be the same.

His parents, Tyler and Melissa Beach, captured his mind-blowing experience on video as their son got into the bacon zone -- repeating the word "bacon" over and over with his eyes closed in what appeared to be nothing short of pure bacon bliss. It's clear little Easton was just saying what the rest of the world is already thinking.

At one point, the tot, whose dad has called him "a little ham," according to published reports,  couldn't contain himself and began shoveling the salty, crispy strips into his mouth with both hands.

Since Melissa Beach posted the clip to her facebook page at 11:36 a.m. on Dec. 25, the video of her son has been shared more than 11.5 million times.

We have a feeling we know what Easton is going to be asking Santa for next year.


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