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BabyCenter reveals new conception trends

BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource, reveals

BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource, reveals new conception trends. Credit: Fotolia

Today's moms aren't shy about sharing intimate details about their personal lives on social networking sites. From pregnancy announcements to bragging about their child's latest accomplishment, few things remain private. Now, you can add conception to the list of things no longer happening behind closed doors, according to BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource.

Here are three ways women trying to conceive share their experiences in the BabyCenter Community:

- Pregnancy test parties: Moms trying to conceive are meeting at a set time in the BabyCenter Community to take pregnancy tests and share the results with each other. "Many women still don't publicly announce they are pregnant until after 12 weeks in the event complications arise, but they are able to share their initial excitement with others before they tell their extended families or share the news on Facebook," according a BabyCenter news release.

- Cycle buddies: Women are pairing up based on their cycles, allowing them to have a friend at the exact same time in their pregnancy journey and someone to rely on for support, whether to celebrate or commiserate.

- Test tweakers: "Not to be confused with twerkers, tweakers alter or enhance photos of pregnancy tests for their Community friends, to make it clearer or uncover something that the naked eye may not see," according to BabyCenter. "Women are sharing photos of their pregnancy tests that they are having trouble reading and other moms tweak the photos and weigh in on whether the test is positive or negative."

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