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BabyCenter's top baby names of 2016

BabyCenter revealed the top baby names of 2016.

BabyCenter revealed the top baby names of 2016. Photo Credit: Fotolia / Marko Poplasen

Sophia and Jackson held on to the top spots of BabyCenter's annual Baby Names Survey.

The pregnancy and parenting digital resource announced the name Jackson held on as the top boys' name for the fourth year, and Sophia leads the girls for the seventh year in a row.

"We saw five new names break into our top 10 lists this year, though the top five names held steady," said Linda Murray, BabyCenter global editor in chief. "It's rare to see so much movement in just 12 months. It's a direct reflection of millennial parents' enthusiasm for shaking up the status quo."

The top 10 baby names of 2016 include:

Girls                       Boys

Sophia                   Jackson

Emma                    Aiden

Olivia                     Lucas

Ava                        Liam

Mia                        Noah

Isabella                 Ethan

Riley                     Mason

Aria                       Caden

Zoe                       Oliver

Charlotte               Elijah

Superheroes and STEM may have helped parents choose their baby's name in 2016. Take a look:

Horror shows
Popular horror TV series have influenced baby name choices. BabyCenter saw a rise with Tyreese (up 48 percent since 2015), Hershel (up 37 percent) and Carol (up 18 percent) from "The Walking Dead." Dustin (up 32 percent), Mike (up 28 percent) and Joyce (up 23 percent) from "Stranger Things." And Iris from "American Horror Story: Hotel" (up 16 percent).

Flawed superheroes
According to BabyCenter, "parents have been naming their little ones after the good guys since "Superman" first donned his cape and leaped over tall buildings (hello, Clark and Kent)." This year, though, parents are drawn to heroes with a darker, deeper side. Names on the rise include, Banner (up 48 percent) of Hulk fame; Harley (up 35 percent), after DC Comics' Harley Quinn; Scarlett (up 20 percent), after Johansson's roles in "The Avengers" and "Captain America"; Tony (up 16 percent) from "Iron Man"; and Jessica (up 9 percent) of Marvel Comics' Jessica Jones.

STEM inspiring
"Parents are taking name ideas from the tech itself," said Murray. The name Cloud is up 76 percent, Apple is up 32 percent and Rocket is up 25 percent. "Even virtual assistants — think Microsoft's Cortana (up 36 percent) and Amazon's Dot™ (Alexa is up 10 percent) — are on parents' minds," she said. BabyCenter also found parents are naming their babies after Silicon Valley: Shantanu at Adobe (up 46 percent), Elon at Tesla (up 41 percent) and Dion at HP (up 32 percent). They're also drawing on the names of famous scientists: Darwin (up 57 percent), Newton (up 44 percent) and Edison (up 25 percent).

Women in power
Hillary (up 64 percent), Ivanka (up 39 percent), Ellen (up 30 percent), Venus (up 26 percent), Amal (up 21 percent) and Elizabeth (up 8 percent) in 2016. "We've been naming boys after titans of politics, sports and business for thousands of years," said Murray. "It's refreshing to see the names of powerful modern women being chosen by new parents. Today's parents want their daughters to be strong and successful."


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