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Back-to-school shopping heats up on Long Island

Daniel Anicito, 6, of Bethpage, debates which backpack

Daniel Anicito, 6, of Bethpage, debates which backpack to choose for the coming school year. Credit: Beth Whitehouse

Decisions, decisions. Daniel Anicito, 6, of Bethpage, faced a big one recently when shopping in Target. Which backpack should he get for first grade?

For certain he wanted a “Planes” backpack, from the Disney Movie that hit theaters on Aug. 9. But should he get the red one of Dusty the crop duster with the smaller attached propeller, or the blue version with the bigger propeller? Both propellers spin. Both cost $15.99.

After consultation with mom Jennifer – whose cart was already filled with book covers, markers, crayons and notebooks -- Daniel decided on the blue one.

As August heats up, so does the back-to-school shopping. What backpacks are popular with the kids this year? What are the cool gear items they can choose? See our back-to-school coverage for ideas.

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