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Book review: Puppy tales

"Pugs in a Bug," by Carolyn Crimi and

"Pugs in a Bug," by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by Stephanie Buscema (Dial; $16.99) is fun story for kids ages 3 and up. Credit: Handout

Children's books are a staple in our home as my 15-month-old sometimes chooses them over her toys. Recently, two books featuring popular dog breeds caught my daughter's attention — and mine.

"Pugs in a Bug," by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by Stephanie Buscema (Dial; $16.99) is a fun rhyming adventure that follows six adorable pugs on their way to the Pooch Parade. The VW Bug, packed with pugs, speeds through the countryside, city, desert and beach, picking up one pug after another. Once they get to the parade, they see all different types of dogs, from sheepdogs to poodles, driving jeeps and scooters. The book comes to a perfect ending when a squirrel catches their eye and all the dogs lay chase. While this book is for kids ages 3 and up, the singsong tone of the story and the whimsical images will engage children of all ages.

"Dog in Charge," by K.L. Going and illustrated by Dan Santat (Dial; $16.99) is also about a cute but slobbery bulldog named "Dog." He obediently knows how to sit, stay and even dance. But can he keep not one, not two, but five cats in line when the family is out for the day? When the cats are up to no good, splashing milk and toppling books, dog is afraid his family would be upset, so he devises a plan and takes a nap! Kids (ages 3 and up) will love the bold images of the bulldog and cats.

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