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Books that get kids ready for kindergarten

"Ready For Kindergarten, Stinky Face?" by Lisa McCourt

"Ready For Kindergarten, Stinky Face?" by Lisa McCourt Credit: Handout

"Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?" by Audrey Vernick (HarperCollins Children's Books, $16.99) is a picture book that addresses the jitters kids might have anticipating the start of kindergarten, tackling feeling shy or deciding who to play with, for instance.

"Kindergarten Diary" by Antoinette Portis (Harper, $12.99) points out the joys of school, including playing on monkey bars, feeding a class pet and making new friends. It's presented in diary format.

"Ready for Kindergarten, Stinky Face?" (Scholastic Reader Level 1) (Cartwheel/Scholastic, $3.99) by Lisa McCourt is part of the Stinky Face series. In this book, Stinky Face asks wacky questions such as, "But, Mama, what if the sink in my classroom pours grape juice instead of water?"

In "Emily's First Day of School" by Sarah, Duchess of York (Sterling Children's Books, $7.95), children follow Emily as she handles her first day away from Mommy. It includes an appended 10 tips for parents from child psychologist Richard Woolfson.

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