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Bravo greenlights 'Extreme Guide to Parenting'

“Extreme Guide to Parenting,” a new show from

“Extreme Guide to Parenting,” a new show from Bravo, aims to look at some of the “unique” ways we raise our children. Credit: iStock

Bravo’s about to get into it with yet another entire group of folks — parents.

Its upcoming series “Extreme Guide to Parenting” aims to look at some of the “unique” ways we raise our children.

Attachment parenting is one approach that will be examined on the show, so defined by the cable network as breast-feeding a child until he or she is 4 or older. The show will also take a look at helicopter parents, some of whom use disguises to keep an eye on the kids.

Fiercely competitive parents who put their kids in language courses before they can even speak will also be featured as will “free-range” parents, who apparently don’t like to say “no” to their children, and “new age” parents, who raise their brethren based on auras.

“Whether you have kids or you're stuck next to the screaming child on a plane, judging other people's parenting is a guilty pleasure. We all love to do it,” Eli Lehrer, vice president of development for Bravo, says in a news release. “The series explores all manners of eccentric ways parents raise their kids, and we’ll let the viewer be the judge of how they’re doing.”

I am not sure how unique any of these approaches are, let alone extreme. In my world, I know parents who use some of these techniques, for better or worse. I have been guilty of some “unique” behavior myself.

But as Bravo has taught viewers, sometimes even a selfless decision in how to live one's life, as raising a child sometimes can be, spares no one from being mocked. So I’ll give the show a half-baked look-see.

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