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Bravo's 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' premieres Thursday

Shira Adler and her son Yonah appear in

Shira Adler and her son Yonah appear in Bravo's new series, "Extreme Guide to Parenting." Credit: Steve Jennings / Bravo

Bravo's new "Extreme Guide to Parenting," which debuts Thursday, aims to look at some unique, unconventional and sometimes shocking styles of raising children.

The new television docu-series gives a candid look into some different parenting techniques, from "conscious-attachment" and "helicopter" to "hypnosis" and "push-parenting." The moms and dads portrayed on the show believe that their parenting techniques are the best and that everyone else's method is wrong.

Each hourlong episode will showcase different households with alternative styles of raising kids. In the first episode, we'll meet the Adler family, who practice an "eco-kosher, shamanistic" method of parenting. Mom Shira believes in an all-natural approach to raising her children. In addition, the Masterson-Horn family has a very hands-on approach; the gay couple --  the "Guncles" on Oxygen's "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" -- adopted a daughter, and now they never leave her side.

Other parenting styles addressed: conscious-attachment, defined by the cable network as breast-feeding a child until he or she is 4 or older; co-sleeping and baby-wearing; helicopter parents, some of whom use disguises to keep an eye on the kids; nomadic families who sleep in tents and live with minimal belongings; "push parents" who enroll their children in multiple activities and don't take no for an answer; and hyno-parenting, in which the use of hypnosis is used on children to help them behave, complete chores or study.

"Extreme Guide to Parenting" airs Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on Channel 44 for Optimum subscribers. Check your local listings, and visit for more information.

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