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Bravo's 'Pregnant in Heels' Rosie Pope offers parenting tips

Bravo's "Pregnant in Heels" star, Rosie Pope, talks

Bravo's "Pregnant in Heels" star, Rosie Pope, talks about her new parenting book "Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy" (HarperCollins; $19.99). Credit: Handout

Mother of three Rosie Pope knows a thing or two about parenting.

The star of Bravo's “Pregnant in Heels" is also an acclaimed maternity fashion designer and founder of a premier prenatal and postpartum education center.

Now she's written a new book, “Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy" (It Books; $19.99) to share her pregnancy and parenting tips along with advice from the doctor who delivered her children, Dr. Amos Grunebaum, director of obstetrics and the chief of labor and delivery at the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan.

Pope guides parents-to-be through each month and milestone with practical tips and advice from her own experience with sons, J.R. and Wells, and daughter, Vivienne Madison, covering everything from prenatal testing and morning sickness to fitness and nutrition tips. Each chapter features checklists, developmental markers and “Murmurs from the Mancave,“ a glimpse into the anxieties of dads-to-be.

I was able to catch up with Pope about her kids, new book and balancing it all.

Q. What was the best advice you received while you were pregnant? What was the worst?
The best advice I received was to stay flexible — you can’t plan everything, especially when it comes to babies. The worst advice was to rest up now because you won’t be sleeping later. It’s important to rest, but you can’t bank sleep!

Q. What is your best advice for new moms?
Educate yourself — the more you know, the more you can relax and enjoy getting to know your baby and not worrying about whether you’re doing it right or not.

Q. How do you balance work and your family? What advice to do you have for other working moms?
My advice to working moms is be in the moment. Even if you don’t have as much time as you wish at home or at work or for yourself, make sure you have quality time in each place.

Q. What have your three kids taught you about life, and what have you learned from them?
Nothing really matters more to me than making sure my kids are happy and healthy. It puts everything into perspective. They’ve taught me that sleep isn’t as important as I thought it was!

Q. What are your favorite things to do as a family?
We like to travel together. They love airplanes and adventures.

Q. What inspired you to write a pregnancy book?
I wanted to provide a guide that had it all, so that you only had to read one book that has all the expert information that you need, coupled with a candid companion to make people feel confident through their journey.

Q. What is your favorite section of "Mommy IQ?"
I love the last chapter, “Count To 14 and Everything Will be OK” because no one talks about the two weeks post-birth: Everyone focuses on pre-birth.

Q. What's up next for you?
I just want to keep reaching and helping as many moms as possible!

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