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Huntington High School principal texts music video to students

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In his "text of the day," Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack recently transmitted a decidedly different video, speaking candidly about breaking his ankle while skiing during spring break. He even threw in an original ditty -- all of nine words and with cool Auto-tune voice distortion --  to demonstrate how he really feels. Credit: Brenden Cusack

Instead of his usual school reminders, student news and inspirational quotes, Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack used a video in his “text of the day” Thursday morning to thank the community for helping him after a spring break skiing accident.

The text included a music video within the video — an original ditty, all of nine words and with Auto-Tune voice distortion.

“I got a broken ankle. Ohhhhhhhh noooooooo. It bro-oke,” he sings plaintively in the grainy black-and-white video he created with the Voloco app.

“Just saying ‘hi’ to somebody can change their day and physically and emotionally make them feel better,” Cusack tells students, parents and school staff in the nonmusical portion of the video.

Cusack sends out the “text of the day” at 7 a.m. during the school week. He rarely sends a video. He got the idea to send this one because he says he was moved by the care and concern by everyone at the school, especially students, who enjoyed kidding with him as he hobbled along on a crutch alternative known as a knee wheeler.

“It was nice to see kids hold doors, offer to help carry things and ask how I was feeling,” says Cusack, adding, “To be the recipient of that kind of warmth has definitely had a healing effect on me.”

A fan of her principal’s video, senior Maggie Giles, 18, says it “was a happy reminder that we can do the same for him as he does for us every day. It made my day to hear the little things we do to brighten his day.”

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