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Camp visiting day dos and don'ts

American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey

American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey offers visiting day tips for parents. Credit: Handout

If your kids are attending sleep away camp this summer, you may be gearing up for visiting day. While you're counting down the days and packing up your child's favorite things to bring, you may want to keep in mind that each camp has their own visiting day guidelines.

In addition to checking out the specific visiting day guidelines offered by your child's camp, you may want to check out the dos and don'ts list provided by the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey for a fun and successful weekend. Take a look:

Do arrive on time.

Don’t take your child off camp grounds if the policy is to stay at camp.

Do read your camp’s policies on bringing outside food to camp. Some camps have kids with severe food allergies and don’t allow outside food on camp grounds.

Don’t tell your child about all the things they are missing at home while they are at camp. This can make a child feel homesick after you leave.

Do limit the amount of food you bring on visiting day if your camp allows it. Many camps will only allow your child to keep the food until the end of the day or only one day after visiting day.

Don’t bring banned items which can include cellphones, iPads, video consoles and cameras that record video.

Do respect the no tipping staff policy if the camp has one.

Don’t make pick up deals with your child. Put the camp time frame in perspective for your child if you sense he or she is missing home. Let them know you are confident that staying at camp will be a great experience.

Do follow the camp’s policy on bunk gifts. If your camp doesn’t allow them, respect the rule.

Don’t bring numerous people to camp. The purpose of visiting day is to spend time with your child and to see your child in the camp environment.

Do be a good sport and participate in activities that the camp has planned for the day.

Don’t bring very young infants or toddlers if you think the day will be too long for them.

Don’t bring pets if that is the camp policy.

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