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Should LI classrooms be required to have air conditioning?

Should Long Island school classrooms be air conditioned?

Should Long Island school classrooms be air conditioned? Photo Credit: iStock

With temperatures soaring into the 90s as Long Island students head back to school, many parents are concerned classrooms are too hot for their children to focus.

Tell us: Do you think all LI school classrooms should be required to have air conditioning?

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Yes schools should have AC in class rooms and entire building. With so many health issues and poor air quality children and...

Margaret Bakos, Middle Island

Try teaching sweaty exhausted children children in over 90 degree heat. It really is a no brainer!

Robert Shilling, Riverhead

My children are no longer in school but I still feel all LI schools should have air conditioning.

Peter DeNigris, Babylon Village

Yes, I think in this day and age air conditioning is a must. Childcare centers are required to have AC, so how come schools...

Michelle Laidlaw, Holbrook

Yes! Sitting in classrooms that are 80-90 degrees for 6+ hours is ridiculous.

Rob Turner, Melville

No, kids have survived the last 80+ years without it.

Bill Harrison, Franklin Square

Yes I do. For the teachers and the students.

Nancy Dougherty, Massapequa Park

The temperature can reach over 95 degrees in the room during a heat wave. How can any child get the maximum learning...

Maureen Macmillan, Amityville

Yes, why make the return to school even more distasteful than it already is.

Paul Goodman,

Open the windows get a fan you'll be fine. I am also a teacher.

C Krakowski , Mattituck

Yes! Why suffer when modern day school curriculum is torturous enough.

Michael Normandy , Smithtown

Many children have medical conditions such as asthma which would certainly help if they had regulated temperature classrooms.

Dan S, East Meadow

As a retired teacher, I have been in classes for over 30 years without air conditioning. It makes teaching and learning brutal

Jeri Miller, Lake Grove

It's a small window of uncomfortable weather...let them adapt and adjust.

Ronald Davies, Lindenhurst

If air conditioning is not an option then the districts should be installing energy efficient windows and shades to try and...

Toni P, Levittown

You have to remember, if it's 90 or higher outside, many of these classrooms are pushing 100 without proper ventilation.

Troy Fried, Brookhaven

My child just started kindergarten yesterday and I couldn't believe the heat and humidity in her classroom.

Lindsay Mathew, Franklin Square

Thinking back from the 1990's when it was too hot no one was able to pay any attention, especially when taking test.

Greg Stone, Merrick

Yes. Students need to be comfortable so they can focus on the task at hand.

Nicholas Petty, Bay Shore

It’s hard to focus when it’s sweltering hot outside and you’re in a building with no air conditioning.

Lauren Knyper , Babylon Village

Yes they should as theses schools were built without air conditioning, and basically are brick ovens.

Richard Chimenti, Yaphank

When it's too hot the kids can't concentrate plus they can get heat exhaustion and get dehydrated.

Kathleen Rulli , Holbrook


Michelle Lavitt, Huntington

No one can concentrate in a stuffy, hot environment.

Rosemarie Hayman, Medford

No. The money could be better spent on programs for the students.

Brian Henke, Islip

Yes please!

Ryan Middleton, East Northport, NY

My children and their teachers have been unnecessarily suffering this whole first week of school

Sal LoSardo, Blue Point

I'm a teacher and a parent. As a teacher, I can tell you that when you pack 30 bodies into a classroom the temperature will...

Adi Zimmerman, Long Beach

No way. In terms of cost benefit, outfitting all LI schools classrooms with AC just doesn't add up.

Mitch Kumstein, Deer Park

It's unfair to expect kids to learn in an uncomfortable environment. It's also unfair to the teachers.

Gina Bernbaum, Searingtown

With temperatures in the 90s, an A/C is a must if we are to keep the windows shut in the schools.

Edward Kent, Babylon VIllage

Yes would be the first answer everyone will give without hesitation. Until the school budgets roll around...

Tricia B, Oyster Bay

I feel it also provides for a safer and healthier environment too.

Cord Lehman, Muttontown

Our school tax bills are astronomical. Adding A/C to schools will only drive them up.

Steve Johnston, Glen Cove

The main office and Principals office has A/C. What makes those rooms more important?

Peter Hirschhorn , Merrick

Absolutely all schools should have air conditioners. How can anyone focus and concentrate when they're so hot worrying about...

Maritza Simard, Middle island

Most of us would scream/ protest/quit if our employers made us work under the same conditions.

Al Mollica, Wantagh

There's no reason that every classroom being used in our schools should not have air conditioning for the comfort and health...

Roseanne Denicola, South Farmingdale

Wouldn't it be smarter to put solar panels on the tops of the buildings first?

Thomas Macholz, Holbrook

It's 2018. Long Island has some of the highest school taxes in the country.

Rich Simon, Oceanside


Laura Anne, Oyster Bay

All classrooms should be air conditioned-our climate today is radically different from that of the 1950’s and 60’s when many...

Harvey Rabinowitz, North Bellmore

I am a Speech Language Pathologist working in a small unairconditioned room. There are many days when I feel physically ill...

Leslie Bial, Farmingdale

We have all suffered through the hardship of a hot classroom. Not worth the millions in infrastructure.

Michael Valenze, Port Jefferson Station

The kids deserve the same consideration as the administrators in their AC'd offices.

Grace Bertolone, E Setaulet

I agree. Teachers and students alike would benefit.

Pat Clark, Farmingdale

Temperatures have been rising for years, whether you believe in global warming or not, the facts remain.

Herman van Vliet, Port Jefferson Station

Anyone against this hasn't spent time in a classroom.

Paula Vidal , Lindenhurst

Classrooms should be required to have A/C when temperatures at peak levels.

Gregg Goldstein, Commack

In this day and age its a shame all schools don't have up to date temperature control year round.

Tom Tompson, Smithtown

Yes. Aren't they required to have heat?

Debbie Sanders, Locust Valley


Lucy Sapienza, Franklin Square

As a recently retired teacher of 32 years, you cannot imagine how unhealthy and uncomfortable it is for everyone.

Susan Reinke, Freeport

Absolutely. Especially in today’s environment where windows and doors are remaining closed for safety.

Graig Bornn, West Babylon


A Jeffrey Spiro, Great Neck

No. I don't know how they could justify the cost as its generally not hot for that long.

Cathy Rodriguez, Levittown

I have seen my grandson come out of school in Freeport for the past few days looking lethargic and dehydrated.

Suzanne Dolgoff , Westbury

When the room is in the 90s, there is no real learning going on.

Adrienne Abele, Lake Ronkonkoma

The question should be why isn’t AC required in all classrooms?

Patricia Iannacone , Merrick

Absolutely not!

William J. Shea, East Islip

That would probably raise our school budgets and I personally can barely afford to life on Long Island as it is.

Arthur F Sintef II, East Moriches

The air is thick, which makes it hard to breathe. AC would make everyone comfortable.

Kathy Cannarili, Medford

How are they not with what we pay and have paid in taxes?

Gabe Scognamiglio , Lattingtown

We do pay high taxes than most other school districts across the country, but do not have the basic standard air...

Danielle Leacock, North Babylon

Of course they should have air conditioning in the classrooms.

Dani Daly, Centereach

Definitely! Our grandchildren came home yesterday utterly exhausted

Allan Johnson, Huntington


John Mikos , North Bellmore

Absolutely yes! It’s only really needed for 2-3 months and especially in June when kids have to take Regent exams and finals!

Stephanie Seltzer, Valley Stream

Why not? Of course!

Brett Henslik, Lake Grove

I don't think most kids under 12 would care either way. It's not a necessity.

Linda Moebius, Westbury

Yes, air conditioners definitely need to be put into schools as soon as like yesterday!

Brenda Banks, Baldwin

Why do most states have air conditioning in their schools but yet Long Island has the highest taxes and yet no air condtioning.

Maria Jenkins, Oceanside NY

When kids are uncomfortable, all they think about - like most of us - is how miserable they are.

Janne Neglia, Bay Shore

Students and teachers may have different medical conditions that warrant a cooler environment.

Doreen Caruso, Babylon

Even more importantly, why should our teachers and school staff suffer when almost nobody else does?

George Kurth, Holbrook

Air conditioning also would decrease the incidence of mold growth and allergens in the schools.

Donna Hangan, Levittown


Laura Jiannaras, Ronkonkoma

So tired of hearing we survived as kids without it! It’s called progress! Time to move on!

Karen Murphy, Holbrook

These kids are coming home exhausted, nasty, grumpy and miserable because they are forced to sit and sweat all day! Not fair!

Jennifer Cardillo , Bayport

Yes with the humidity on Long Island it is necessary.

Laurin Johnson , West Islip