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College visits: What NOT to do on a campus tour

Wednesday 5/29 is a good day to think

Wednesday 5/29 is a good day to think about investing in a 529 college savings plan. Credit: iStock

Wake Forest University has put out an article for parents called “Make the Most of a College Campus Visit This Summer.” What cracked me up more than the university’s Top 10 list of what to do when visiting a campus was the Top 10 list of what not to do.

As the stepparent of a high school senior and parent of a junior, I’ve been embarking full-throttle on the college-campus-visit-whirlwind myself. So I’m happy to have this list of ways not to mortify my kids and humiliate myself during a campus tour.

Here are couple of sample tips from the “don’ts” section:

DON’T: Sport clothing from another school, especially from a rival institution. This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it happens when students visit multiple schools in one trip.

DON’T: Hijack the tour if you’re a parent, especially if it’s your alma mater. The student giving the tour is just as much a part of the university as you were, and his time and experience are just as valuable. Chances are, your child has heard your stories. Let her enjoy someone else’s perspective.

DON’T: Be rude. Common courtesies apply on campus visits. Please don’t talk on your cellphone during tours or the information session.

DON”T: Cross a school off your list just because you see a snake in the wooded area around campus. They’re commonly found in most states, and they are usually harmless. However, if that is a deal breaker, do take it as a sign that you’re better suited to an urban campus.

To read the whole article — including what you should do — click here.

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