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Crafts for kids: Sweet sock art

Create wall art for your child's room using

Create wall art for your child's room using his/her old socks, courtesy of Credit: Peter LaMastro for FamilyFun magazine

Not sure what to do with your little ones' socks? This memento from your tot's early days will help you remember his/her tiny tootsies long after he/she's graduated to shoes. I found this craft on

Sweet Sock Art

What you'll need
- foam core
- shadow box (20 inches square)
- colorful fabric or paper
- duct tape
- 6 to 10 baby socks
- glue dots
- card stock and marker

How to do it

1. Cut the foam core to fit inside your shadow box.

2. Fold the fabric or paper around the foam core and secure it with duct tape.

3. Arrange the socks as shown above, then attach them with glue dots.

4. Write your child's name and birth date on a piece of card stock (the one shown is three inches across) and attach it with glue dots.

5. Place the foam core in the shadow box and hang it on the wall.

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